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PTP (1588) Time sync with a non-NI System

Not sure if Real-Time Measurement and Control is the right place but...


We have cRIO-9045 LV20.0.0 that we need to keep in time-sync with a separate non-NI Linux system that is operating as a PTP (1588) master.  Going through the discussion forums and white papers I cannot locate any information on how to make this work.  I have installed the NI_TimeSync Time Reference for IEEE 1588-2008 20.1.0 package on the cRIO.  I have also read through this ( white paper and tried to use the API.


Could someone please give me some guidance on how to do this?


Thank you

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After installation of newer versions of NI-TimeSync on the cRIO, IEEE 1588 is enabled by default on the cRIO's Ethernet ports. (Reference: Enable IEEE 1588 on cRIO)


You can use the shipping example from Help >> Find Examples... >> Hardware Input and Output >> Timing and Synchronization >> Time-Based >> Configure and Monitor

Configure a high value of priority (or lower priority) and your cRIO would be synced to a 1588 masterclock.

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OK, did that.  I am assuming this is the vi Monitor and Configure Time as the one you mentioned did not exist by that name.  What do I put here.  The drop down only populates with NI resources.


There is nothing to select here



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