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Need help install SQLite3 on NI cRIO.

Hello everyone,


I need some help in getting sqlite3 installed on a cRIO chassis so that I can use the SQLite toolkit that drdjpowell wrote. 


I have unpacked the tar files for the library into the correct directly, or so I think it is the correct directory.   


They are installed in /usr/lib


File names are and


I keep getting a file 7 error when attempting to create a database on the cRIO to the effect that it cannot find the above mentioned file at /usr/lib/


Did I miss something? Oh and I tried to install it from opkg but my chassis is running on a virtual machine and I can't seem to get it to connect to the internet even though I have it on the same subnet as what my internet modem is connected to. 


Any help would be much appreciated! 


Steven Howell
Controls and Instrumentation Engineer
Jacobs Technologies
NASA Johnson Space Center
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