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Keithley 2635B, how to obtain the I-t data as soon as fast

Hi, Dear LabVIEWers,

   I am trying to use Keithley 2635B to obtain the Current(I)-time data as soon as fast. But I encountered a big problem, it take too long time (about 1.2second)to obtain 1 point, the reason is that the data is stored in the buffer.  I hope it only take about 0.1 second to obtain one data point. 


  Would someone can give me some clues to solve this problem?



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Important things to implement efficient instrument automation,

  • Deep understanding of the programmers manual, instrument features and functionality
  • Good mastery of VISA functions and developing simple architectures in LabVIEW

We could only speculate on these two points. Please share your code (preferably in LV2019 or older format) and goals to guide you better.

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