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Is CANopen/PDO communication possible with NI-9860?

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I am considering using cRIO to collect data from two CANopen devices using PDO.

I just started using cRIO and Labview the other day, so I apologize if this is a silly question.


I have an NI-9860, so I'm thinking of using it. But,

・NI-NEXT is for cars and supports SAEJ1939 protocol

・Not provided by NI for CANopen compatible driver with NI-9860

・NI-9881 supports CANopen.

I don't need to use CANopen fully, and just being able to perform PDO communication is sufficient, so I can't do something with full scratch?

This is because we want to reduce the cost and lead time of purchasing NI-9881.


I was able to confirm the above on the NI website, but are there any detailed communication specifications for the NI-9860?

Also, can I use CANopen/PDO communication with the NI-9860?

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Excerpt from What CANopen Hardware and Software Does NI Offer?

Since CANopen is built on the CAN physical layer, it is technically possible to use a CAN module such as the NI-9862 for CANopen communication. However, since NI-XNET hardware is not compatible with the NI-Industrial Communications for CANopen driver, you would need to build the application layer from scratch on top of the XNET driver. This would require extensive knowledge of the CANopen protocol and is not something that NI would be able to support. Therefore, purchasing a dedicated CANopen module to implement this protocol is highly recommended.

Control Lead | Intelline Inc
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Thank you for your good information.

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