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How can I get multirate scanning to work?

I'm working with a PCI-6025E DAQ.
I need to read a channel connect to a tension meter for a certain amout of time. I'm trying to use multi-rate scanning as described in the documentation. I am recieving a -10003 code when calling SCAN_Start and I don't know why this is. I'm setting the rate at 100, and recieve timebase = 1, interval = 10000. When calling SCAN_Start I send count = 500, samptimebase = scantimebase = 1, sampinterval = scaninterval = 10000.
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You would normally have a better chance of getting this answered if you post this question in Measurement Devices > Multifunction I/O; however, since I happen to know the answer to this question, I have attached some example source code
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