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How Have I 1MS/s on 6713 car on five channels ?

On Visual C++


In have a 6713 card.
I'm developing an application which requires continuous five different
channel analog waveform output under Windows NT in the rates Max of
the card (1MS/s) -
Datas to send will be in a binary file.
My application will not tolerate 'any' loss of data output.

I am Using the function WFM_DB_Transfer but the rates Max at the
output of the card is 200KS/s by 1 channel !!!
I have been working on this problem for three weeks and I don't have 1MS/s.

Any help would be much appreciated, I don't go on.
Thank you!
Best regards

You can find enclosed my program.

Please send replies to my work e-mail address:

Computer: Pentium III 400Mhz
O/S: Windows NT
NI Card: PCI-6713 (8-channel AO)
NI-DAQ version: 6.7

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You will have a better chance of getting this answered in the Measurement Devices>>Multifunction I/O section. Unfortunately, "Real-Time DAQ" only uses LabVIEW, and I would agree that "Multifunction I/O" is not very intuitive. "Multifunction I/O" should be modified to read "Multifunction I/O (DAQ)". Sorry, we are working to correct this.
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