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Real-Time Measurement and Control

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How can I change the daq setting to differential mode in my labview program (example)?

I would appreciate if I could get an example in Labview 5.1. I realized that I need to create a cluster but for some reason it would not work
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Examples for data acquisition are in the LabVIEW >> Examples >> Daq >> anlogin >> anlogin.llb directory. You will still have to do the following to programmatically set the measurement mode to differential.

You can set your data acquisition with the AI in LabVIEW. There is an input for "coupling and input config". A good trick to make sure that you create the cluster correctly is to use your mouse as the wiring tool and right-click over that input. Then, choose Create Control or Create Constant. The cluster will pop up, and you can use your operating tool to choose differential mode for the second pull-down ring in the cluster.

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