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Simultaneous sampling with a PCI-MIO-16XE-10 board

I am using LabView with a PCI-MIO-16XE-10 board. I would like to make simultaneous sampling in multi channels. How can I do?
Thank you for your help.
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Your question should be posted under "Measurement Devices >> Multifunction I/O" instead of "Real-Time DAQ" because the PCI-MIO-16XE-10 board is not a real-time device. The category "Real-Time DAQ" is reserved for 7030 real-time devices.

The PCI-MIO-16XE-10 multiplexes channels across one amp and one A/D converter; therefore, it cannot perform true simultaneous sampling. Consider using the SC-2040 accessory, which has 8 simultaneously sampling differential amplifiers. Alternately, you can purchase a different board like the PCI-6110, which can perform true simultaneous sampling because it has individual A/D converters and amps for each channel.
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