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BEEcube, MiniBEE

Hi everyone,


I am a PhD student at UCD, and I have a miniBEE BEEcube,  I need to bring this pc up, and it seems I need the required software called BPS (bee cube platform studio). Until up to last year, there was a link present in the forums, but now it is removed. How can I download it  again?



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And how is it related to NI's products and forum?

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@santo_13, National Instruments bought Bee Cube, in 2012/2013 and the domain, takes you to NIs Software Defined Radio landing page.



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@veb61 NI discontinued the Bee Cube products in 2021 and they are no longer supported. This may explain why the link you referenced has been removed. I am not an expert on these products, but it is my understanding that there is support with the LabVIEW FPGA Module and Vivado Design Suite.

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As you said there is support but for the newer versions, but not the one I own, the support for it was only through the BPS. That's why I need it. Maybe someone who already has it can share?



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You may have better luck posting  your question in the USRP Software Radio forum:

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