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Open Error Call Chain

Default Shortcut L

with nothing selected it will pick an error out terminal to parse, if you have more than one, select the one you would like to parse first.

ctrl-l = find the first error out terminal, and parse it for "Complete call chain" and open each VI (including clones) in the chain

ctrl-shift-l = same as above, but open source VIs instead of clones when applicable.


In my applications I like to throw errors using "error code to error cluster" because it has an option to "show call chain." But when an error occurs, I have to manually click look at the call chain, and go find the culprit VIs and open them before I can debug. Finally I decided to make this tool that will find if the call chain is present in an error out terminal (if you have more than one for some reason, select the one you want parsed).


This works for call chains in the error text like this:

Untitled 2 (SubVI)<ERR>

custom error

<b>Complete call chain:</b>

     Untitled 2 (SubVI)

     Untitled 3 (SubVI)

     Untitled 1

but it does not (yet?) work for errors chains in following format:

To More Specific Class in Untitled 2 (SubVI)->Untitled 3 (SubVI)->Untitled 1

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