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Add/Remove QuickDrop Shortcuts Preserve Existing

I have some common QuickDrop shortcuts I like to have, which are a modified version of the Shorcuts for Right-Handed Developers, that Darren posted several years ago.  These are a bunch of neat shortcuts, but when I want to share them with another developer I basically tell them to delete whatever shortcuts they have and use these, because there isn't an easy way to combine shortcuts, until now.


Attached is a zip with two VIs in it.  The Add Quick Drop Shortcuts will add shortcuts, but it won't get rid of the shortcuts you already have.  And if you have already assigned a shortcut it won't replace it.  So say if you already have "car" assigned to Carriage Return Constant, trying to add "car" to Compound Arithmetic will do nothing and leave the already assigned "car"


The other zip is the Remove Quick Drop Shortcuts which works in reverse.  It will only remove shortcuts that you want, and only for those functions.  So if you try to remove "car", it will only do so if that is assigned to Compound Arithmetic, not if it is assigned to Carriage Return Constant.

Right now it gets the shortcuts you want to add, or remove, from two string constants on the block diagram, one for the block diagram, one for the front panel.  The constant at the moment is Darren's right handed developer shortcuts with a few I added.


One word of caution is that these use a couple of private methods and for that you should be just as careful as using any other private methods.  It might change functionality between versions, it isn't documented, don't bug NI if it breaks, etc.

VIs are saved in 2013, and require OpenG.

These VIs are particularly helpful if you have a professional version of VIPM, where you can call a Pre-Install VI, which adds these QuickDrop shortcuts, and then on the Post-Uninstall of a package can remove shortcuts it added, leaving the ones the developer added alone.

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