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Assigning Ctrl-Space as a plugin shortcut key

One of my colleagues wanted to know if he could assign Ctrl-Space as the shortcut key for a Quick Drop plugin, allowing him to press Ctrl-Space-Ctrl-Space to quickly launch a plugin VI. This is possible, but requires a manual edit to the LabVIEW INI file. Here's how:

In your LabVIEW INI file, you'll find the QuickDropKeyboardShortcutMappings token that stores all the key mappings to shortcut VIs. Here's the token from my INI file:

QuickDropKeyboardShortcutMappings="9:Change to Array or Element.vi;y:Disconnect from Typedef.vi;i:Insert.vi;j:Move and Size.vi;t:Move Labels.vi;u:Panel Clean Up.vi;v:Paste From Clipboard.vi;m:QDKS_MissionControl_MultiFrameStructure.vi;r:Remove and Rewire.vi;p:Replace.vi;1:ScrollWheel Move_MB.vi;b:VI Server Rename.vi; :Wire All Terminals.vi;w:Wire Multiple Objects Together.vi;"

This is a 2D array of character/plugin VI pairs (colons separate columns, semicolons separate rows). Check out what I did for the "Wire All Terminals.vi" plugin VI...I replaced its default shortcut ("d") with a space character. That allows me to use Ctrl-Space-Ctrl-Space to Wire All Terminals.

In case you're wondering why configuing a shortcut to use Ctrl-Space is not currently supported in the Quick Drop UI. I think this is because at one time in the past we considered having Ctrl-Space close the Quick Drop window if it's open. We never ended up implementing that functionality, though.

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Thanks for this enlightning DQ Developer insight!

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I've had one of my plugins be defaulted to be Space for a long time.  I just made the default for it be a space, as defined in the VI Description.  I do not even see this entry in the mappings ini key, but it shows up in the QuickDrop configuration dialog and it runs when invoked.

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