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multisim and labview based problem


please tell me the cause of error that is ''launching multisim was unsuccessful', in my boost converter circuit model which is designed on multisim 12 and fetched to labview. as soon as execution of the model start it pops up error message as stated above.

this same circuit was working before properly, now it started showing this error


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Hi there,

Since this was working before, did something change on your PC?

Try running an example from the Multisim Samples folder. In Multisim go to File>>Open Samples>>LabVIEW-Multisim Co-simulation>>Boost Converter.

In the Boost Converter folder you will find a VI and a circuit. Run the VI to see if LabVIEW communicates with Multisim.

What's your exact Multisim version (go to Help>>About Multisim)?

LabVIEW Version?


Fernando D.
National Instruments

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On my PC, windows10, Labview2017, Mutlsim 14.1, run the summer.vi under the LabVIEW-Multisim Co-simulation folder, I have got error message:


Error -2367 occurred at External Model in summer.vi/Control & Simulation Loop

Possible reason(s):

Control Design and Simulation: The shared library corresponding to the external model returned an error.

Launching Multisim was unsuccessful. (L404)


Any suggestions?

Thanks in Advance


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