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Labview FPGA code for Voltage Mode Inverter controls , Islanding and grid resynchronization

Dear Group,

   I am trying to locate Labview FPGA code that can control a two level single phase inverter such as it grid ties when the grid is up and establishes an island when the grid is lost. Once the grid comes back the controls should resync with the grid and reconnect to it.


We have internally developed our own code for the sbrio-9607//NI-9684 (GPIC) that can achieve grid tie when the grid is there, and in hopes of accelerating development I am trying to  identify a preexisting code base that already implements the islanding and resync functionality: so we can adapt it to our application.


Any pointers from the community will be much appreciated.


Thank You !



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You may be interesting in looking at this three-phase inverter code. It includes LabVIEW FPGA logic to automatically and bumplessly transfer from DQ current regulation to DQ voltage/frequency regulation mode when the grid voltage drops below a threshold (if enabled). This is typically enabled/armed on the opening of the microgrid islanding contactor.




The code also shows how you can use Ethernet TSN communication to keep an islanded microgrid in sync with the voltage and frequency of the main grid, enabling instantaneous and trouble free reconnection after islanding. To see a short demonstration, watch this video:




For more detailed technical information, see this webcast:



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Dear Ehab,


I wonder what model of inverters are you working with?

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