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External measurements with GPIC board

Hi , I am developing a microgrid system with NI9683 and sbrio 9607. 

I have two voltage source inverter systems working well independently, but my idea is to connect them together and see the droop behaviour eventually. For droop controller, it is very important to measure the power flow between the interconnecting line. I am new to Labview environment, so I am not too sure how this external measurement can be done. Right now, there is only an internal measurement so the values that I get are unfiltered. But I want to measure it after the external filters so that I can get the correct power outputs.  Can I just send voltage and current signal back into analog input slots and do the measurements? 


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Yes of course you can. You will need to ensure that the voltage signal is sufficiently isolated using a potential transformer or similar.

Also, need to ensure you do not exceed the +/-10V range of the simul. analog inputs. This is done all the time.

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