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Are proceedings published?



I submitted a technical paper to the Engineering Impact Awards this year (2017).


In previous years (maybe this was a long time ago), these papers were officially published in a "proceedings".  So we could reference them in a CV or resume.  


Does this still happen?  Is there a proceedings for NIWeek?
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Hi, you can find the EIA winners and finalists and their papers here: 

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 Yes, but my question is if there is an official "proceedings" document which can be referenced? In previous years, NIWeek did this. First, NI published it on paper. Then they only published it on a CD-ROM and handed it out.


Here is more info about proceedings:


The idea of a proceedings publication is something that is only really useful for people in academia. For academics, they are often measured by their publications. But a paper can only be considered "published" if there is an official proceedings document. If there are no official proceedings document, then the EIA is just a fun competition.
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Bumping this to see if anyone has an answer.


Does NI publish a "proceedings" for NIWeek?

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can you clarify what you mean by proceedings?  majority of the highlights, keynote videos, and session materials can be found at 

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See here:


Basically, a "proceedings" is a publication (in some form, such as print, CD, online) which contains ALL of the papers (that are accepted) at a conference.  


In previous years, NI would publish all the papers that were submitted (and accepted) to NIWeek.  At first, NI published them on paper and handed them out in binders at the conference (this maybe 15 years ago).  Then NI switched to publishing them on a CD and handing it out.  But it appears that isn't done anymore either.


The reason I ask is not because I want to read the submissions.  But because I want to reference my submission.  People who work in academia (like myself) carefully track all their papers.  Academics are often measured by their publications.  And it appears that NIWeek is no longer a "referenceable" conference.  You can't reference something that isn't published.


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