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scxi-1127 not recognized by ni switch.

I am trying to build an application using a pxi-1010 chassis and an scxi 1127 mux. I am programming in Borland C++ Builder.

I set up the mux in MAX and it shows up under my devices, however, when I run NI switch it fails to communicate with the 1127.

Also my program cannot control the mux. Compiles and links but does not communicate with 1127.
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Dear Sir,
Thanks for using the Developer Exchange.

The first thing to do is checking if you have all the necessary drivers installed in your computer.

You need the following Drivers:
NI-DAQ (latest 6.9.1)
NI-VISA (latest 2.5.2)
IVI-ENGINE(latest 1.8.3)
NI-SWITCH(latest 1.6.1)

After having all these drivers installed in your computer, you should go to MAX and configure the SCXI-1127. After that, use the NI-SWITCH Software Front Panel(SFP) to control the SCXI-1127. If you are not able to control from the SFP you either have a hardware problem or more likely the hardware is not properly installed.

If you are able to control the switch module using the SFP, open one of the shipping examples and try it out.

Still having problems? Contact the National I
nstruments Technical Support.

Best Regards.

Omar De Andrade
Applications Engineer - Computer Based Instruments
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Dear Sir,

Thank you for using the NI Developer Zone.

In order to better help you I need to have more specific information about the problem you are experiencing.

You mentioned in your e-mail: "...when I run NI switch it fails to communicate with the 1127"

What do you mean exactly with NI-Switch? Are you executing the function niswitch_init in Borland and it is not working? Are you trying to use the Software Front panel? If you haven't tried the software front panel, please do it and let me know how it turns out.

Best Regards,
Omar De Andrade - Computer Based Instruments.
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