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I am working with a PXI6052E . Is it a low frequency for data acquisition or the lowest one is the lowest scan time base with the lowest scan time bas number?( ScanStart returns an error when scan frequency is lower than 296Hz or when there is two samples by scan @ 148Hz etc...)
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Your scan rate is the maximum sample rate divided by the number of channels. The 6052E has a mximum sample rate of 333kS/s. Sampling 2 channels per scan allows a scan rate of 333k/2 = 166.5kS/s.

Read the description of the error code you are receiving. This should give you clue to whay your acquisition isn't working.
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Thank you for your answer
My problem was a problem of low limit and not high limit with few channel.
But I have solved my problem:
In fact all the time base are not available with the E-series cards and I used them.
I used an old version of reference manual of NI-DAQ 6.0 in which it was not written that some time bases were not available !(cf "Scan_Start" function)
I have to do with the 2 time bases available...
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