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error 2147220719

Currently running a PXI system with the following configuration:
Chassis:                   PXI-1031
Processor:               NI PXI-8145 RT
Slot  PXI-2:               NI PXI-6512 (Digital O/P) with SCB-100 connected.
Slot PXI-3:                NI PXI-6511 (Digital I/P) with SCB-100 connected.
Slot PXI-4:                NI PXI-6722 (Analogue O/P) with SCB-68 connected.
Operating System:  Real Time
In MAX, when using the test screens and/or tasks, we can get the analogue card operating, but the two digital cards are not operating. (they all pass the self tests). The error message (noted in the header) appears. Can anybody suggest any reasons why this is?
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Hi there,

Thank you for contacting National Instruments Technical I can't really find any information on this error. Could you post more information on your system set up? Such as the software versions you're using, more information about the error (the description, when it occurs), etc


Applications Engineer | National Instruments | UK & Ireland
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