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Where can I finder driver for my raid controller?

My raid controller NI 8262 just came in. I plugged in my raid storage, but now windows is asking me for the driver to the raid controller. Where can I find it? Thanks!
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We have a great KnowledgeBase article that describes how to get the HDD-826x Raid Array working.  It discusses how to get the driver for the NI 8262 installed as well.  You can find this document here: http://digital.ni.com/public.nsf/allkb/887ACA1BEE4ABD86862574B2007AF5F0?OpenDocument 

Caleb W

National Instruments

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yea.. that page is kind of useless in that it just tell me how to install a driver. I know how to do that.


Where can I download the actual driver to it? Thanks!

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The NI 8262 is the MXI link for the raid controller.  This card will be installed if you have PXI Platform Services (which is found in many of NI's drivers such as DAQmx, NI-VISA, etc).  You can also get this here: http://joule.ni.com/nidu/cds/view/p/id/1046/lang/en .  It sounds as if you are actually needing the driver for your RAID device which would be an 8363 or an 8364.  Do you know which one you have?


Caleb W

National Instruments

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Ah never mind. I finally guessed the right CD. It's installed. Thanks.
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I have also a 8262 4x PCIe-Card and a 8264 Disk Array in my rack.

I managed to install the driver from a LSI Logic CD. Unfortunatley there is still a unknow PCI device in my device manager left. And I don´t see the 8262 in my system. What did I do wrong?

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Hi Jojp,


If you installed the drivers after the PCIe card I would try shutting down the system and putting the PCIe device in a new slot, this should help the drivers associate with the card. You may also be able to point the card to the driver using windows device manger.


Let us know if that works.



Scott M.

Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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Hi Scott,


thanks for your fast response. Yes I installed the drivers after I plugged in the card. I will switch to slot.


To precise my previous post:

I see now a LSI Logic Raid Controller in my windows device manager. But still one PCI device missing and now 8263 in MAX.


I´ll soon give you an update.


Best regards Jojp

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Okay, I switched to slot. I still have an unknown PCI device.


But I see 3 TB on 2 disks and I can write data with LabView to them.


Probably to unknow device is another NI card in my rack. The rack is brand new and I have plenty of cards and not much knowledge 🙂


Best regards jojp 

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Hi Jojp,


Do you know what kind of of card the unknown card is? You may be missing the drivers for the unknown card, for example if you have a DAQ card you will need to install the DAQmx driver before you can use that card.


Let me know if you need any help.




Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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