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Password Protect PXI FTP Server?


Does anyone know how to apply a username and password to the PXI's FTP server? I don't want users to be able to access this without proper permissions.


This article is out of date:

Changing FTP Server Password for Real-Time Controllers


I'm running LabVIEW 2010SP1 with MAX 4.7.6.f0 but I see no option for "locking" my PXI chassis.





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Hi Craige, 


If you can see your PXI in Measurement & Automation Explorer, you should be able to right-click it, and select Set Permissions:

Set Permissions.png

The Web Browser that should automatically pop up will give you the option to Login. The PXI should default to admin as the login, and no text as the password:

admin no pass.png

Once you hit OK and login, you can select New User and set a new password from there:


New User.png


Hope this helps! Have a great day!




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I'm in a similar bind as Craig, except the previous user (long gone) set up the Login username and password as something else (using "admin" for the User Name and nothing for Password gives me a dialog stating "The system could not log you in. Please ensure that your username and password are correct."). Thus I cannot access the "Set Permissions" page. Is there any way to reset this login information to the default


User Name = admin

Password = 


state? Resetting the BIOS password on my PXI-8101 does not fix this problem.


Thank you in advance.

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Hi zack.deland,


This thread is fairly old, you'll get more visibility by creating a new thread for this issue.




Joel I.
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National Instruments
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The manual for the controllers doesn't mention how to clear this password and I don't have a PXI chassis handy to test this. I would think that you would need to format the controller through MAX in order to truely reset the password. Sorry, not a very good solution.

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