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PXIe-5413 maximum DC Offset

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I upgraded my PXI system from the PXI-5402 waveform generator to the new dual channel  AWG PXIe-5413. Unfortunately I discovered that the DC offset for this last is only 50% of amplitude despite a more wide range of the PXI-5402:

Spec PXI-5402
DC offset PXI-5402DC offset PXI-5402

Spec PXIe-5413DC offset PXIe-5413DC offset PXIe-5413


I'm really surprised because it's a big limitation. For example I need a sine wave of 20 mV amplitude and a DC offset ranging from 0 to 1V. With PXI-5402 it's a simple task using standard waveform settings but with PXIe-5413 probably I have to move to arbitrary settings and create the offset digitally with "niFgen Create Waveform".
Any suggestion is appreciated!

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Hello LucioCina,

unfortunately your analysis is correct. With the 5413 you can't generate a 20mV amplitude sine wave with 1 V offset. You must use the arbitrary generation to achieve that goal.


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Dear Lamber,

thanks for the reply despite no good news 😉
So I can do only this I suppose:
AWG offset generationAWG offset generation

For shure it'll be noiser respect the full analog offset of PXI-5402.
If you have other suggestion in mind ....i'm a big ear.


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