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PXI-7853R outputs stopped working

CompactRIO device PXI-7853R outputs suddenly stopped working. Has anyone experienced this issue before? We've had to have the board repaired last year, but we have no idea what is causing the issue.

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Hello Kells,


What do you mean by the outputs of your cRIO stop working?

Are you unable to read any voltage change coming from your output terminals or are you unable to verify anythis is being output?

How old is the device?

We may be looking at another repair but let's do everything we can to make sure the cRIO is, in fact, in need of repair.



Collin D.
Software Product Manager
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A PXI-7853R is NOT part of a cRIO line.  So don't call it a Compact RIO.  It is a R Series card which uses RIO technology.


And what exactly do you mean by not working?  Analog outputs won't output a voltage?  Wrong voltage?  Digital lines not outputting a voltage?  What are you connecting these outputs to?

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Currently we are using the board in our application as a function generator outputting 3 separate signals most of which some of which are modulated but all of them are in Hz. While performing some testing all three of the output no longer were outputting the signals that we were specifying and only outputting the default signal of 0 Hz. We also confirmed this using an Oscilloscope. We've been talking with NI support and have this board in for repair, but I'm still trying to locate the cause of this issue. The board is about 2 years old and it is being used on a daily basis all day long. In the past we have performed EMC testing on our company's product with the PXI connected to it. If we didn't properly shield the PXI during these tests is it possible that damage was done to it that wouldn't be evident until months later? The first time the repair occurred it was about a year after the EMC tests were performed.

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 I am having a similar problem, I was generating signals with the analog outputs and everything was going well, but from some days ago I can't generate signals in two analog outputs.

I can't understand what happened especially that the other analog outputs are still working and I lost only two.

I know that it is a long time since you posted the problem but can you please tell me what you did to solve the problem?

Any advice will be appreciated.
Thank you, 

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Hey Yassine226,


Since this post is a few years old, I'd recommend posting your question on a new thread so that way it can get more visibility (feel free to link to this thread too)

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