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Error -89126 on PXIe-6366 with Python

We have multiple PXI platforms and are seeing this error on many of them after a driver update:

DAQError: DAQ1 Error -89126: Trigger line requested could not be reserved because it is already in use.


The software behind the communication to the DAQ is python, and all of our scripting is done in problem.  The problem is if the script terminates after selecting the trigger line, but terminates early before the DAQ is triggered, on the next run we get the error.  Up to know, the only way we can clear the trigger line is to perform a HW reset on the system.  There is nothing we can find in NI Max to clear the trigger.  Is there another way to go in a clear the trigger?




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Hello kbill79:

Can you please provide a MAX Technical Report?. If you are not familiar please see the next National Instruments Knowledge Base:





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