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Support Forum: Neosoft DQMH TestStandifier

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Neosoft DQMH TestStandifier

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Vincent Carpentier, Ing./Eng.
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I tried to convert a project with multiple DQMH libraries and I got the following error:

Error 1055 occurred at Close Reference in DQMH_TestStandifier_Resources.lvlib:Modify Module ID Generation>DQMH_TestStandifier.lvlib:TestStandify State>

Possible reason(s):

LabVIEW: (Hex 0x41F) Object reference is invalid.

Error Dialog w Copy to Clipboard.lvlib:Simple Error

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Hi Alfredo,

Would you be able to post your DQMH module here ?

If not let me know, and we'll find a way to analyze this.


The error is related to modifying the module ID inner code in request and reply VIs which are part of cloneable modules.


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Unfortunately this is not possible.

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Hi Alfredo,


Difficult to help without seeing the original code.

Maybe you can send it me in PM so that it is not public.


Quick question, was your DQMH made with the latest version of DQMH ?


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Hello, i will try to contact you privattely. The version of DQMH used for the project was v6.1.0.90 

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Accepted by CyGa

So for the record, with another user (so not @Alfredo_VM ) we faced the same issue.

The problem comes from the fact the original module was made using DQMH v4.

The module was upgraded with the DQMH Validator v5 and v6, but a fix was not correctly applied by the user (validator did not return an error but the status message was saying something went wrong).


This lead to Start Module VI was not containing the feedback node to handle the clone IDs but was still having the 'old' way to generate the clone ID (based on VI Clone name) and was launching the Main VI thanks to the Run VI method instead of the Run Asynchronous node.

So if you face this issue with the TestStandifier, ensure that your module is a fully valid DQMH module as defined per DQMH v6.1



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