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NI Week 2019 Presentation Material

Can anyone tell me when the presentation material will be uploaded?  I see a number of files on the website, but there are still many that I attended that are not yet posted.


Thanks in advance,


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I think NI is still posting the presentations here.  I certainly have additional content I wouldn't mind sharing and so I'm waiting to see if they make a post for my presentation (or track it was in) so I can reply and add more stuff.  If there is something in particular you want contact the person that presented if you can.  I'm sure they'd be glad to share what they have until that subforum gets filled out.

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Hi Brian,


Your session is included here:


The session content area can only be posted to by employees, but you are welcome to post in the comments or share here in the NIWeek forum board.




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Thanks Lili, but it appears we aren't allowed to attach things to our comments.  Intentional?

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Unfortunately, comments on documents, blogs, or ideas don't have the ability to include attachments.
You may want to post your content in the forum board and then link to it in the comment section.
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