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Sorry to bother, but I'm trying to download a 2013  64 bit version of the NI RUNTIME software. I get to the download page and highlight 2013, then 64 bit, and click "download" and it downloads the 64 bit "upgrade" which would be the next item UP on the selection menu. I tried downloading the one below that thinking the menu might be 1 off, but that doesn't work either. HOW DO I GET A COPY OF THE 2013 RUNTIME SOFTWARE if the menu selections for it download the wrong thing??? it's just a little frustrating...

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Sorry, I am not familiar with the term NI runtime, so I assume the LabVIEW run time. Maybe I am wrong. Please include the link to the download page you are using to make things clearer.


Seems to work just fine here. I got the correct download for both.




In any case, I would recommend the SP1 anyway. It should be fully compatible with non-SP1, and just have a few more bugs fixed.


(don't get distracted by the word "patch" in the file name. It just means that you get a few additional bug fixes)



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Yes, I downloaded those. Trouble is, when I try to install anything that says "patch", I get a message that says "cannot load patch - 2013 RUNTIME be loaded first" !!!  (or something to that effect. Even if I select 2013, it ends up downloading a "patch". I know it's a patch because when I load it, it TELLS ME SO, and suggests I first download 2013 RUNTIME! I've got a well proven computer that serves me well with no surprises, so it's not my computer. I'm a reasonably intelligent guy, so I can only do what the software tells me. And it keeps telling me I need to install 2013 RUNTIME first. Which is all I want to install anyway!! Talk about frustrating....  and NI stands for National Instruments which is now going by some other name. But it's the RUNTIME I'm looking for. It's required to be present for any NI programs to execute.

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I get the same problem with the 2013-64 (The 2013-32 works just fine, even though all have the word "patch" in the name.) I assume that a settings is wrong in that particular installer, maybe a stray entry in setup.ini?


In any case, you should install the 2013SP1 64bit anyway, which seems to work just fine. (are you absolutely sure you need the 64bit version?)

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Hey SolarJoe,


Thank you for letting us know! We have submitted feedback for this to be fixed.





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