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appedning files each time recieving a text message



I'm polling text messages from my gsm and trying to store them onto excel without overwriting them after recieving each consecutive text message. However when i use the write to measure file it keeps repeating the messages i send.


I only want to save a message each time i recieve a message without overwriting existing message as updates.  


Could someone please help me with this? 


I've attached a file as my dummy. It works in terms of when i change the values in the array it will append the data but it repeats it, which i dont want. I'm looking to store it once.

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You've posted to the wrong board.


I also don't see the problem. The only time data repeats is when you don't change the data and run the VI. This is what you should expect. If you don't want to write when there is no change of the data, you would use a shift register and a comparison (i.e. Equal).

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