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I'd like to discuss one subject which I came across working in the manufacturing company. These of you who are working in similar environment maybe came accros similar problems or even better already have a solution. However, I'd like to run a small brainstorm to check what opinions other people have


Would it be better if the default Test Step types have the possibility of having second pair of limits which I can test the result against? It would work in my environment when sometimes you are asked to release test limits under concession. It means that the despite the UUT not passing the test with 'normal' limits is still considered as the pass because it is within the released (secondary) limits. However, I'd need to have it mark that the UUT 'passed under concession'.


Moreover, the concessions are almost always batch limited or date limited or typecode limited or SN limited. In general, concessions are temporary, so I'd like to still keep the original limits intact, and that is why I see the need of having something extra like mentioned here additional 'second' limits.


Probably there is the way to do this using/modifying substep post steps code module, but I'd like to check maybe there is need to have something like this already build in TS.


Maybe my problem is not to general to suggest NI the global solution but I'd like to know other people opinions about that. Is it conncession something often in your environment? Maybe do you have another similar suggestions?

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Accepted by topic author MimiKLM

Hey MimiKLM,


This post made me think of 2 of the excellent example sequences that install with TestStand


Load Limits from TextFile (Use selects the Test Limits to use)

C:\Users\Public\Documents\National Instruments\TestStand 4.2.1\Examples\PropertyLoader\LoadingLimits\LimitsFromTextFile


Error Handling (Dynamically Updates the Step Status)

C:\Users\Public\Documents\National Instruments\TestStand 4.2.1\Examples\Callbacks\PostStepRuntimeErrorCallback


I took both of these examples, and combined them to generate the attached sequence and LimitFile (please see the attached zip).


When you run the sequence tyhe operator selects the limits to use.


Limit Select.jpg


If you select Strict limits, then the step status remain untouched.




If the user selects concession Limits, then any Test Pass will be updated to reflect the fact that concession limits were applied.




I hope this has been useful.

Best wishes,


Rich Roberts
Senior Marketing Engineer, National Instruments
Connect on LinkedIn:
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I knew that it will be somethig great!


Let me play with it and I give you my feedback ASAP.


So far, excellet response!



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We also have a need for multiple sets of limits to be used with the same measurement. Some are for acceptance of the product and others are used by the engineer or to see if a process is drifting. Is there anyway to simultaneously check against multiple sets of limits? If not, that might be a nice feature for the future.

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