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When specifying module of DLL flexible prototype adapter, I get the following message: "There is no type information in the DLL". In this case, I want to use kernel32.dll and to get values from INI files.

When a programmer writes a DLL (e.g. kernel32.dll) they have the option of creating a type library for the DLL. Some development environments that can call DLLs have the capability of reading a type library to determine the parameter information for a function exported by the DLL.

In your case Microsoft has chosen not to create a type library. This means that you must know the parameter information (i.e. prototype) for the function you are calling and must enter this information manually. Clearly this option is more prone to mistakes. Once you enter the parameter information, the function prototype that TestStand shows you must match that which you know the function uses.

You can find the function pototypes of kernel32.dll (and other MS system DLLs) at
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Yes this is correct.
There is not any data type information encoded into the kernel32 and most other dlls.

But you can still use the exported functions if you know the functions prototypes.
You need to find the header files for the kernel32 and fill in the proto type manually.
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Example for using INI Files with Teststand!
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