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Has anyone used CM tools with teststand and if so, which ones and with what results.

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I am not an expert in configuration management (CM) tools. You may know that TestStand 2.0 has integrated support for MS SCC (Microsoft Source-Code Control). National Instruments has tested it with MS SCC compliant providers such as ClearCase, MKS, Perforce and Visual SourceSafe.

To compliment this TestStand 2.0 has workspaces, projects, a sequence file differ and Read Only file support (i.e. It has options to prevent/allow editing of Read Only files).

In choosing a CM tools you may want to consider these new TS 2.0 feature.

The evaluation version of TestStand 2.0 will be shipping shortly and will be put on our ftp site even sooner.

For an MS explanation of the MS SCC interface see
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