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Using Teststand to debug from CVI



i want to debug a cvi project (dll-project) from teststand.

I configured the adapter settings to cvi and selected execute steps in an external instance of cvi.


When i change the path in the cvi adapter config  to my dll-project, i get that error:

Unable to connect to tscvirun.dll in the cvi project. Make sure that tscvirun_supp.c is in the cvi project.


Why its still searching for the default project?

I also tried to let the default project path and did a breakpoint to try to step in the function but also not works.


Thank you for helping.

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Open CVI build your debug DLL.

Connect to this DLL from your step. 


1) Using external instance option

Keep the default settings :


Keep a break point on the TestStand step that needs to be debugged.

Once this point is hit press F8 or step into.

It will step into your CVI code and you should be able to debug.


2) Set to in process option

Close TestStand

In CVI Run menu...go to "specify executable and  external" and select :

C:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\TestStand 2019\Bin\Seqedit.exe


Keep a break point in the CVI code.

Run the CVI ( green run button) and TestStand opens up.

Again put a break point in your step to be debugged.

From that step press F8 to enter your CVI code.


Hope this helps.







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