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Toggle a Results Processing Plugin on or off at runtime

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Does anyone know how to toggle a Results Processing entry on or off at runtime for a specific sequence file?


I have a specialized database and I only want to one specific sequence file to log to it.


I attempted to loop through the plugins and toggle on/off the specific database connector with these:


//RunState.Root.Locals.ModelPluginConfiguration.Plugins[Locals.PluginIndex].PluginSpecific.Options.DisableDatabaseLogging = True,
//RunState.Root.Locals.ModelPluginConfiguration.Plugins[Locals.PluginIndex].PluginSpecific.Options.DatabaseSchema.Name = "",


None of them work, it seems they are loaded into memory already when I get to them in PreUUT.


Any idea where I can access them?!

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Apparently it needs to be done earlier.  I walked through the model plugins, and I was able to toggle it off/on in the ModelPluginConfiguration callback and have it apply to the current run.

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