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Teststand Logging BIGINT to Microsoft SQL Database

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Hi everyone,

I tried to do lot of research but wasn't able to find solution so I will try to ask here.


I am using Teststand 16, and Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio


Server have column Internal_SN data type set to bigint,


i can also see that setting in HeidiSQL

heidisql bigint.PNG


then i got problem when validating database schema in Teststand, for some reason Teststand see data type of database column as "8 Byte Signed Integer" (which is technically correct(?)) but expect "Big Integer" which is set in schema.


Column setting is as follows

schema column settings.PNG

So i quess that problem is somewhere between Teststand and how it process informations about database structure from server, but I have no idea how to move forward to solve this.

I did not have issues with any other data type but bigint.


Has anybody seen this before?

Any suggestions what to do/try?


Thank you



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Ondra -

The validation feature has some known issues and there might be an issue with how it is comparing what the database is returning and what the schema defines. I have created a bug with ID 702836 for this specific issue.


If you ignore the "error" that the validation feature reports, database logging will still work during an execution.


Scott Richardson
National Instruments
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