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TestStand call python function, change some strings in python function, but TestStand's result is the old string, not update

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Have a python function, be called by TestStand, and change the string in the python, run the TestStand, but TestStand's result is the old string, not update the new string.

Except close the TestStand software and restart it, the result will update to the new string.

Is there any other way to update changes in python functions in real time?

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Any changes to the python file require TestStand to reload it. Typically, you can force it to unload by selecting File -> Unload all modules or use the Reload module option in Step Settings




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Thank you for your reply.

By selecting [File -> Unload all modules] this method is solved this problem.



The method in the picture you replied has also been tried, but the new string has not been updated, this method may not work.

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