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TestStand Traing Issue

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I've using NI learn to study teststand. Specifically "Developing Test Programs using Test Stand"

However even after completing the "Reusing Code in a Sequence" lesson the status still shows as in progress instead of completed.

I'm certain I have completed the lesson since I've watched it thrice to check if I missed anything.

Even if I am missing something is there a way to figure out what I missed?


Can anyone please me resolve this?


Linus Koli

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I ran into the same exact thing. I did not come up with a resolution. I just skipped over it to the next lesson. 

Now Using LabVIEW 2019SP1 and TestStand 2019
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Is there a way to report it?


So I happened to check the webpage script of the lesson I am stuck on and compare to the script of other lessons that seem to be working. 

The lesson I am stuck clearly has a different code as opposed to the other lessons.


I don't exactly have a knowledge of this but from what I can understand they have used ember js for webpage

and under the "directional__nav__button__container directional__nav__button__container--next" class they have kept "ember-view disabled" which according to me should be enabled to enable the next/proceed button which pops up the review course and exit pop-up (the entire block of code that invoke this pop-up is missing) after which you get the code completed status.


Since I the next/proceed button is disabled the course status does not update.


I am not certain about this but this is a guess. Can anyone who understands ember js have a look at it or maybe tell me a way to report the issue?

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Accepted by topic author linu95k

I am not sure how to get this resolved, However I have raised a service request, not sure if that is the right way to address this issue

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