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TestStand Plugin API Help - RunState.Root.Locals.ModelPluginConfiguration.Plugins...

We have two databases we are logging to, depending on the type of part.

I have both configured in results processing.

I want to toggle one of them off during the test.


I am trying to access the API, and deal with two steps...


1) Find the correct plugin by name.

2) Set the Disable flag in the database plugin


Here's the API call I have so far...



However, I cannot find ANY documentation for what's in that Plugins[] and then the Base, and where the name might be.


Any help?  And can you show me how to find this info in the API documentation somewhere?!



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For anyone struggling with this, the best thing is to run your sequence, then pause in the middle and inspect the runtime variables.  There you can see what's available:




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