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How to clear file history in Teststand file menu?

How to clear file history in Teststand "file" menu?
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Hey Jacky,

I have found a Knowledgebase that I believe describes what you are looking for.  The registry key may be different depending on which version of TestStand you are using.  The only thing that should change is the version number.  Have a good one!

Message Edited by Patrick P. on 03-31-2006 02:59 PM

Pat P.
Software Engineer
National Instruments
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The list to the knowledgebase is broken.  Can someone please show me how to clear the file history in Teststand?


Many Thanks,


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I found the answer to my own question.  For me, the Most Recently Used (MRU) Files was *not* in the Windows Registry.  It was stored in the following config file:


C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\National Instruments\TestStand 2017 (64-bit)\SeqEdit.xml


<MaxMRUFiles classname='Num'>
<MostRecentlyUsedList classname='Strs'>
     <value lbound='[0]' ubound='[4]'>
          <value arrayindex='[0]'>C:\Sequence0.seq</value>
          <value arrayindex='[1]'>C:\Sequence1.seq</value>
          <value arrayindex='[2]'>C:\Sequence2.seq</value>
          <value arrayindex='[3]'>C:\Sequence3.seq</value>
          <value arrayindex='[4]'>C:\Sequence4.seq</value>


Editing this list worked as expected.  I was able to clean out a bunch of old files from the TestStand File menu.




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