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SequenceView control doesn't display in deployed UI

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Hi, Teststand users.  I placed a Teststand SequenceView control on my custom Labview UI, and it updates correctly on my development station as the sequence executes, including after I've built the UI into an EXE.  But when I deploy the package to a test station on the manufacturing floor, the SequenceView stays blank throughout the sequence, which executes correctly to completion.  The test station has Labview Run-Time Engine 2015 installed and Teststand sequence editor 2014 SP1.  Any idea what could cause the SequenceView to not update?  I'm calling the ExecutionViewMgr > ConnectExecutionView function in the normal recommended way.

Thanks.   -Joe Czapski



Joe Czapski, Sonos, Boston, Mass.
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A few initial thoughts:


Is tracing enabled on the Test Station?  


Is it possible that there are multiple test executions on the Test Station such that you're not displaying the execution that you're trying to show?


Pulido Technologies LLC

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Thank you!  Yes, I disabled tracing in the editor earlier, my bad.  It updates correctly now.





Joe Czapski, Sonos, Boston, Mass.
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I place a Teststand SequenceView control in LabVIEW front panel(UI), how does it update correctly as the sequence executes , I wonder if you could give me a simple example.



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Hi, Jack.  There are Labview examples that install with Teststand that show you nicely how to implement the SequenceView.  Look in (Public, NI) > Teststand > Examples > Modifying User Interfaces.  Also look in (Program Files, NI) > Teststand > UserInterfaces.




Joe Czapski, Sonos, Boston, Mass.
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Hi Pulido,

How do I disabled tracing on the Test Station ?



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In TestStand, go to Configure-> Station Options.


Then, in the dialog, under the Execution tab, there's an Enable Tracing section, where you can disable all tracing or enable tracing in specific instances.


This can also be done in the TestStand API by changing the value of RunState.Engine.StationOptions.ExecutionMask.


Pulido Technologies LLC

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Thanks Pulido,


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