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I was having trouble being able to analyze .tsaproj files using the Sequence Analyzer Standalone tool for command line. The .tsaproj file opens in a new window with every new command I run, but there is no signs of an actual analysis occurring when I add the tag /analyze along with other tags. A new window just pops up in TestStand and does not proceed further with any operations. How do I perform an analysis through command line with clicking on the Analyze button on the GUI?


Link to command line tool below:




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Have you tried the report flag that's called out in that help doc?


AnalyzerApp.exe "C:\My Documents\MyProject.tsaproj" /analyze /report "C:\My Documents\myReport.XML" /quit

I posted a stylesheet on the community a while back that can be used to convert that report to JUnit and fed to a CI server.


Another thing that's useful to know is the return codes for the Analyzer, which there is an open CAR to document officially:

-2. Invalid Paths: An invalid path was passed to the AnalyzerApp
-1. Invalid Flags: An invalid flag was passed to the AnalyzerApp.
1. Analyzer Error: One or more Errors were reported when analyzing the project.
2. Analyzer Warning: One or more Warnings were reported when analyzing the project
0. Success: No Errors or Warnings were reported.

Hope this helps!

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I tried with the report flag and the myReport.xml path, but it still just opens a new window and doesn't do any analysis or create an xml file in a path I specify. The error codes don't show up since the Analyzer never seems to actually run. I'm running TestStand 2014.




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The command line support for the analyzer wasn't added until 2014 SP1.

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