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STDF File output / Semiconductor Module

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We have a request to output our data in a STDF format.


I downloaded and tried out the Semiconductor module, but it's very heavy-handed- we aren't testing wafers, so the overall paradigm is not what we want.  However, the module doesn't output to the STDF file unless the module is enabled and you run from there.


  • Is there a way to extract just the STDF file output to and use it with my standard TS sequences?
  • If not, is there another module or sequence that will allow us to write to the STDF file format?
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Accepted by Jed_Davidow

STDF report plugin is implementation is closely coupled with TSM core, so you have to use only TSM steps if you need STDF.


You can develop your own TS report plugin with STDF APIs to log to STDF. Refer to this discussion for LV STDF APIs


You have to learn a lot about STDF specifications in order to write a valid STDF file.


FYI - STDF is intended for multi-site production test scenarios and hence it is complicated.


Soliton Technologies

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