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Replacing the default Parallel model UUT Dialog

What is the best way to replace the default UUT Dialog for the parallel model? I don't want to modify the default parallel model, but use the callback options in my sequence to replace the default UUT dialog.
Things already tried:
1) Generated a UIR to replace the default UUT dialog.
2) Placed an action to call the new dialog into the PreUUT callback.
3) Created a statement function that change the status to display the default UUT Dialog and place into the ModelOption callback.
This replaced Default UUT Dialog with the new UUT dialog. But the new UUT Dialog panel shows up in four different panel, one for each of the four socket being executed.
The goal is to have the new UUT Dialog appear only once to handle all 4 sockets. The default parallel model initialize the default UUT dialog panel then uses display panel to view UUT dialog. Is there a different method to have the new UUT Dialog panel appear only once for all four socket inputs and not multiple times?
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There is an example for this under the directory:


Edited: Just realized that what you asked is a bit different than the example.

I recommend you try one of 2 possibilities:

1) In addition to disabling the old dialog as shown in the example, override the ProcessSetup and ProcessCleanup model callbacks and add your code to display and remove your dialog there (you should probably use a "new thread" sequence call when displaying the dialog so that it has its own thread for message processing). Then also override the preuut callback and add code to communicate with your dialog in some way to pass and return the necessary information for each testsocket. This could be a dll call or some other way of doing this communication.

2) Modify the existing code for the current dialog or implement something similar. The code for the dialog is in the cvi project for modelsupport in the same directory as the process models. If you are going to modify this dll you should copy the Models directory from Components\NI to Components\User and modify the version of it there. The Components\User version will override the version under Components\NI.


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