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Passing parameters to .NET Assembly DLL from TestStand

1. I have a TestStand 3.5 & LabVIEW 8.0
2. I must to remotly call to some .NET Assembly DLL from TestStand and to pass some parameters(strings) to it.
3. As i understand i must build 'action' in TestStand sequence that will call to that .NET Assembly DLL , but i am not so sure how i
   will pass parameters and from which way to that .NET Assembly DLL ?
I think that i must built a that will get my parameters, then i will call from TestStand to that and after that i will call to
.NET Assembly DLL that will get the parameters from my
I want to say that the most critical for me thing that i don know how to interact between and .NET Assembly DLL.
The questions are:
1. Am i right regards the scheme of interactions ( i need or i can pass parameters directly from TestStand ???)
2. How in a TestStand can pass some parameters to a calling module/DLL?
3. How i create a remote call to some DLL?
4. If someone did fimiliar thing please describe in a short form how to do it.
Thank you in advance!
Thank you & Best Regards

*I use LabVIEW 2018 & TestStand 2021 versions
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HI  Yuri_IL,
You can pass parameters directly into your .NET Assembly without having to go through LabVIEW. If you place down an .NET Adapter step and right-click and select specify module, you will see you have a list of options for your .NET Assembly including a parameters section. To get a better fell of how to use the .NET Adatper, refer to the Demo example for .NET located in the <TestStand>\Examples\Demo\dotnet folder. This example shows passing parameters to the .NET Assembly.  If you don't understand some of the options for the .NET adapter steps, click on the Help located in the bottom left corner of that "Specify Module" dialog or use the TestStand help. To access the Teststand Help for the .NET adapter, select Help >> Teststand Help. Then choose the "Contents" tab and naviagate to TestStand Environment Reference Help >> TestStand Dialog Boxes >> .NET Adapter >> Edit .NET Call Dialog Box >> Module Help. Also refer to Chapter 5 of the TestStand Reference Manual (Open up the TestStand Bookshelf and select the TestStand Reference Manual) for further help on this .NET Adapter and remote execution.
Hope this helps!

Jonathan N.
National Instruments
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Thank you, I will try it.
Thank you & Best Regards

*I use LabVIEW 2018 & TestStand 2021 versions
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