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TS2016 - Property Loader "ignore" disable tracing

Hi everyone,

We are currently using TestStand 2016 in some of our applications for the past few months. Among some bugs that we noticed and that some of you noticed too, we have an unexpected behavior concerning the "Property Loader" steps. In this application, we execute several sub-sequences with the disable tracing option to increase the execution speed. In these sequences; we use a property loader step to load some variables stored in a txt file. And, as strange as it could be, when we execute the sequences (for which the trace is disabled), when we arrive to a property loader step, the sequence viewer is updated, the step is marked as "Running" and the execution continues, blocked by the disable tracing option. 

I joined a simple test sequence to illustrate this behavior. You'll first need to change the path of the file used to export the property if you want to execute the sequence. I have found anything on the forum related to this issue. We are using the version "" with a debug deployment environment license.

Thanks !

LGM Ingenierie - CLD / CTD
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Thanks for reporting this issue. I was able to reproduce the issue and created a bug report under ID 649773. Unfortunately I do not see any simple workaround.


I was able to reproduce it in Sequence Editor. However, I like to know if you are using a custom operator interface?



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Okey, thanks for having a look at it. For this project, we are indeed using a custom operator interface ? Do you have something in mind ? Thanks

LGM Ingenierie - CLD / CTD
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In the custom operator interface, handle the UIMsg_RefreshWindows UIMessage by cancelling it. This might lead to the expected behavior.



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Hi all,

Has there been any further work on this? I have a deployed system that I essentially just broke the user interface for by including the new property loader step that forces tracing and window activation every time it executes. Any work-around suggestions or patches are welcomed. Shashidhar, your workaround is not immediately implementable because we are using a stable, released UI that is not easily revvable.



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Can you check if the issue has been resolved with TestStand 2017?



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I have not installed TestStand 2017 but the issue is not mentioned in the release notes of TS2017 or TS2016SP1.

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