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Looking for TestStand Style Guide Examples

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Hello community,


As many of you are likely aware, TestStand is a powerful tool with numerous features and incredible flexibility. While these aspects are undoubtedly valuable, they can sometimes result in the creation of test sequences that are challenging to read.


In my workplace, particularly with many newcomers learning TestStand, there's a tendency to be awestruck by its programming language-like capabilities, leading to the use of excessive loops, parameters, and if-cases where a simpler, flat sequence would suffice.


Recognizing the need for clarity in test sequences, I've taken on the task of creating a style guide. The aim is to keep sequences coherent without unnecessary complexity.


My question for the community is whether anyone has already developed such a guide and is willing to share it?


Thank you in advance!


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If you PM me I can send you a copy of ours.  


I think you need to careful between what a developer guide and a style guide are.  There is a huge difference.


A developer guide is used to define the rules for how to develop in the tool within your organization.  For example, the delineation of functionality between different sequence files.  Or when to push code to a code module versus doing it in TestStand.


A Style Guide is more about how to name things and keep things tidy and looking good.  For example naming conventions.



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