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How to get real time of teststand program to compare with another value

I want to compare two time values, one is to get the time right when teststand begins to run, and the other from a VI. I was wondering how to get real time from teststand

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Are you looking at the time when the operator starts the execution or when the TestStand engine started?  You can call Seconds(True) in any expression in TestStand to get the seconds since the engine started.


If you want the execution time you need to use other means.


By the way- you can call Seconds(False) and get the seconds since January 1, 1970.  This can be used to subtract or add to other calls to Seconds(False) to determine elapsed times.


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I wrote the function 


and nothing is initialized in Locals.TimeElapsed, but the time I received back is off about 20 minutes behind. Why is this the case?

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How do you know it’s off by 20?


Also, to reiterate jiggawax’s question, what do you mean by “right when TestStand begins”?


This could help.


Or you could use the method prescribed here, depending on what ‘TestStand begins’ means.


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