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How to append data into array?

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As it's in question. Can I add data (new elements) into array dynamically? Let say my Numeric array 1D is size of three, but I'd like to add next three elements. Should I change array size first?





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If you use the option = 1 in the SetVal method this will insert a new element into the array.

PropertyObject.SetValNumber ( lookupString, options = 1, newValue)


If you want to re- dimension the array size use the following

(for 1D arrays)
PropertyObject.SetNumElements ( numElements, options = 0)

(for multi-Dimension arrays)

ArrayDimensions.SetBounds ( lowerBounds, upperBounds)


check out the help for each of these in the TestStand Programmer Reference.



Ray Farmer


Ray Farmer
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Hi K,


Ray is right!


Maybe this thread will also help you because there is smal example





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A minor correction...


I'm fully aware that this thread is 13.5 years old, but I ran across it while trying to figure out if there's a more elegant way to append an element to an array.


@RayFarmer wrote:

If you use the option = 1 in the SetVal method this will insert a new element into the array.

If Locals.Foo is a 1D array of numbers and I try using option 1, which is PropOption_InsertElement:

Locals.SetValNumber( "Foo", PropOption_InsertElement, 123 )
,Locals.Foo.SetValNumber( "", PropOption_InsertElement, 123 )

In either case TestStand throws an error "Expected Number, found Array of Numbers."


However, the following does work:

Locals.Foo += { 123 }

This is more for the benefit of future readers running across this thread, as I know that @RayFarmer is a TestStand Über Overlord (an official title) at the time I'm writing this. 😎

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Hi guys, 


I know this is old, but maybe you can answer my question, and help other who will be looking for this in the future.

I want to insert into array, not append.


I got this expression from the help:

InsertElements(MyArrayHere, ["my index here"], number of elements to insert here]


InsertElements(StationGlobals.SN_Buffer, ["0"],1).


This is accepted, but where/how do I specify the actual element I want to insert?


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