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Flatten to string to send abitrary objects through ui messages?

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Hi folks,


I am trying to send arbitrary data through user defined ui messages to my labview interface. Something funny happens then: If I send the data through the ui message it seems that I get something strange. There is only one single character or nothing in the ui message which reaches my callback.


It seems that flatten to string also creates control characters which are interpretated by either TestStand or Labview not as string members, and for this reasons I get only incomplete data. within the testand action, that creates the flattened data, i have put a Dialog to output the string data, and it seems that, at least the characters up to 255 (ascii) are used.


Is there something like uuencode/uudecode to avoid this problem?


Thanks in advance

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Okidoki, found it.


Its a "binary" string which is produced by "Flatten To String". It seems as i thought, the LabVIEW datatype is incompatible with the LabVIEW API of TestStand. As a conclusion I would classify this as a bug (sorry folks, at least there should be some documentation) of the TestStand 2014 LabVIEW API.


As a workaround I am using  the flatten to XML, which is a "normal" printable and human readable string.


This was trial and error and I am not appreciating this.Smiley Indifferent

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