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Hi There,


A very basic question (I'm getting back into TestStand after a long break so have forgotten the basics).


I would like to use a VI with multiple outputs for a numeric test. The default "Data Source" is Step.Result.Numeric. I would like to use any of the outputs of the VI as part of the test.


(1) What code should I use in the expression window to access different outputs of the VI?

(2) Can anyone tell me where I might find a good reference document for Teststand expressions?


Thanks in advance.


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Accepted by topic author TestHouse

Hi TestHouse,


TestStand offers a Multi-numeric limit test option, it sounds like that is the one you need.


Multiple Numeric Limit Test.JPG


If your VI is returning an array of numerics you can configure the step to do an evaluation on each item individually


Multiple Limit Test Setup.JPG

The TestStand Expression Browser is a good start for building expressions.  It is displayed from the f(x) button..





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Many thanks for the fast response, that got it working.

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