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The methods "Engine.FindFile" and the there called "Engine.ExpandPathMacros" claim to replace macros in the path.
There is a remark in the help which references the $(Platform)-macro.

But I'm missing a hint to a list of supported macros. Do those methods support more than the single macro in the remark? The TestStand-help didn't help, asking Mr. Google as well.


Does anyone know the macro list?

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Accepted by topic author Bluegraf

Hi Bluegraf,


The only supported macro is the $(Platform) macro. See the following help file:


Is there some particular macro/feature you are looking for? 


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Thanks for the answer, Roxana!

I wanted to include the sequence call for the Profile Execution File menu entry in a custom user interface. The command  !FindFile("Tools\Profiler\LaunchProfiler.seq", False, Str(0), 3) does not give the expected result when it is includded in the sequence file of the custom interface. That sequence file obviously resides in a different path.

I wanted to avoid to set an absolute path. Especially as it would lead into one of those §%§$&/$"$& Microsoft folders which change their name according to language settings and system bitness.

A macro like $(TestStandFolder) could have solved this.


But I can imagine a bunch of other path macros that would be helpful.


Best regards,


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Hi Bluegraf,


If you could provide a bit more detail of what you are looking for in the macros and why, please post them on the TestStand Idea Exchange.



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